B Sym

B SYM Biomimetic Simulator

The B SYM provides pioneering immersive and progressive learning experiences using biomimetic materials that mimic a real spine, providing an environment for simulation anywhere that also mirrors real-life clinical scenarios. The B SYM allows to practice open (incision and dissection) as well as MI (endoscopy) approaches, screw placement, decompression, discectomy, implant placement and more! Electrosurgery tools, power tools as well as irrigation and suction systems can be used. The use of navigation systems is possible as well as fluoroscopy.

T Sym

T SYM High Fidelity Haptic Simulator

The T SYM is our flagship simulator. It is designed to help learners to acquire new surgical skills in a reduced timeframe. With its best in class high fidelity haptic, the T SYM encourages learners to perform deliberate practice of defined procedures and techniques in a safe environment. While its metrics help the learner and tutor to capture, measure and track performance.

Validated by Expert Surgeons

The B SYM is developed in close collaboration with several surgeons around the world. Here, the B SYM is tested directly in the operating room with Dr. Nottmeier (Mayo Clinic, FL).

B SYM Pedicle Screws Insertion

Dr. Santaguida’s residents training on a lumbar L1-S1 model at the Shriners Hospital Simulation Center (Montreal, CA).

B SYM Lateral Mass Screw Insertion

Dr. Santaguida’s residents training on a cervical O-T1 model at the Shriners Hospital Simulation Center (Montreal, CA).

Nucleus Removal

Cutting Annulus

Skin, Muscle, Fat, Bones, Ligaments, Epidural Fat, Dura and Nerves, Discs

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