At Symgery™, we understand that people learn at different paces and in different places.

Because of this, we have developed a diverse portfolio of simulation products, that all run our proprietary Symgery software. So no matter where you are physically or pedagogically, there is a Symgery product that will meet your needs.

More controlled

Our simulators provide standardized patient cases and unique pathologies in a controlled environment, ensuring practice opportunities not typically offered, as well as the ability to assess students' proficiency better than with other methods.

More personal

Our learning activities are specially designed for each learner, so that time spent on the simulator is actively helping to achieve a personalized goal.

More connected

User data is collected so both the learner and their mentor can track their progression.

The future of surgical education


The T SYM is our flagship simulator. With its best in class high fidelity haptic, the T SYM encourages learners to perform deliberate practice of defined procedures and techniques in a virtual and safe environment. While its metrics help the learner and tutor to capture, measure and track performance.


The B SYM is our biomimetic simulator. With its real life look and feel spine, the B SYM allows surgeons to practice using real surgical instruments, providing an environment for simulation anywhere that also mirrors real-life clinical scenarios.

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